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Course Launch Accelerator
Week 1
Mindset Saturday
Weekly Training
Resources - Week 1
Planning and Prioratizing Your Launch
Assignment for Week 1
How to Share Your Google Calendar

Week 2
Mindset Saturday 2
Weekly Training 2
Write Your Story
Write Your Story 2
Assignment for Week 2

Week 3
Mindset Saturday 3
Weekly Training 3
Funnel Pieces - walkthrough
Facebook Pixel
Teach Your Obvious

Week 4
Mindset Saturday 4
Weekly Training 4
Pricing - The Mindset
Value Ladder - Mindset
Opt-ins - How To
Content Creation Guidelines
Course Registration Page
Opt-In Page Templates
Social Media Post Templates
Email Sequence Templates For Opt-In
Facebook Ads Copy Templates
Webinar Slides Templates
Email Sequence Templates For Webinar

Week 5
Mindset Saturday 5
Weekly Training 5
Assignment for week 5
Get Your Course Platform Launch Ready

Week 6
Mindset Saturday 6

Here are some opt-in page templates/ideas

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